Birthdays are special occasions anyway, and with the help of a Fun Casino they can now be even more exclusive and entertaining for the person celebrating and the guests of the party. With fun competitive games such as carps, blackjack and poker, alongside the ability for themed nights such as Las Vegas and James Bond, which includes the props and décor necessary to elevate the experience and a professional photographer to capture your celebrations in an executive manner.

Your birthday casino hire can start from as little as £275 which includes travel and set-up fee’s and each member of our staff are professional Croupiers and have had excessive experience working in real-life casino’s, helping to not only create a professional atmosphere to your gathering, but are also more than happy to help and share knowledge on the games provided.

Our famous, fake money will be provided, and can be personalised to your event using images of the birthday celebrator or any image of your choice, which will be used as currency during your socially entertaining birthday gambling session.

This is a unique and exciting way to celebrate, and through our photo props, photography features and entertained guests, we are sure to create a celebration which will stay forever treasured.

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