Hiring a casino for a photoshoot allows you to really set the scene for the message you are trying to convey through imagery. Our casino machines are professional and identical to real life casinos, and our members of staff are dressed to impress with many years of experience working in casinos across the world and would be happy to assist you in hosting a photo shoot.

Hiring a casino would be perfect if your photo shoot is based around a gambling or Las Vegas theme, or anything that involves games such as poker, roulette, blackjack, dice, craps, Texas holdem, poker 5 stud and other famous games we can offer you. It is sure to give your photo shoot that authentic feel, and no doubt make whoever is being photographed feel more confident working in such a genuine environment.

We can erect the casino machines any way you like to suit your photo shoot, and in any location that is big enough to hold the casino, so we can accommodate your photoshoot wherever it is located, provided the location is big enough to fit in our props. We can help with themes such as James Bond and Las Vegas or blend our members of staff into the theme of your photo shoot if you specify what the topic is beforehand.

As well as gaming, you can also hire table football, table tennis and even hire a rodeo bull. Other services we provide at extra cost include the ability to hire a giant connect 4, giant kerplunk, giant Jenga, buzz wire, catch the light and even a surf machine. You can also hire a retro arcade gaming machine and hire a putting simulator.

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