Hiring a casino to produce television and film is a fantastic way to enhance the flick that you are filming because of casino tables are authentic and our set-ups have a strong look of legitimacy, as well as being accompanied by staff who are trained to act professionally through excessive years of working in casinos throughout the world. Our staff will assist you in games such as poker, roulette, blackjack, Texas Holdem, Poker 5 stud and other fun games such as craps. (Dice).

One of the best things about hiring our casinos for your filming, is that you do not have to travel, we bring the casino to you, meaning that we can assemble inside your studio and your cast will not have to travel. This is also convenient as you are not limited to the amount of filming you can do, as you perhaps would be in a real-life casino that might be rushing to open it’s doors to the general public.

Working with casino dealers who are not bewildered by the idea of cameras will make your filming time much clearer and less complicated if you need to use our staff during your filming. Our accurate imitation of global casinos such as the MGM Grand or the Trump Taj Mahal means that the footage you capture using our set-up’s will be a significant addition to your T.V programme or film production.

If you wish to hire a casino to use as a filming location, we will bring the party to you, and as well as creating authentic and captivating footage in an environment that mirrors real-life casino’s, you can also have some fun and play games such as poker, roulette, carps and shoot some dice with your co-workers or our friendly staff.

As well as gaming, you can also hire table football, table tennis and even hire a rodeo bull. Other services we provide at extra cost include the ability to hire a giant connect 4, giant kerplunk, giant Jenga, buzz wire, catch the light and even a surf machine. You can also hire a retro arcade gaming machine and hire a putting simulator.

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